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  1. Social Audio: Clubhouse vs Twitter Spaces

    In this episode, Matt and Craig talk about using audio on different platforms. With the introduction of Clubhouse (an invite-only platform where users are able to have casual, drop-in audio only conversations with one another), social audio is on the rise. But what is social audio? Will it ...


  2. Becoming a talk show host w/ Kerry Gorgone

    In this episode, Matt talks with talk show host Kerry Gorgone. Seasoned podcasters and newbie podcasters can learn a lot from our conversation which spans topics that range from Clowns Without Borders to avoiding podcast burnout. Today, Kerry lets us in on a plethora of lessons she has ...


  3. Should you use YouTube for your podcast?

    In this episode, Matt talks about whether or not you should utilize the YouTube platform for your podcast. He lists and explains a number of reasons why YouTube is great for interaction with your current listeners, and will help attract new listeners. He also covers a couple of ...


  4. Castos Creator's Spotlight: Crimes Against Folk

    In this episode, Matt talks with Ed and Ashley from Crimes Against Folk. The wonderful episode has a ton of takeaways including finding and publishing your passion to the world, focusing on what’s really important first, and even finding sponsorship. In addition to a great conversation, today’s edition ...


  5. Complimenting a Live Event with Podcasting with Ed Freyfogle

    In this episode, Craig talks with Ed Freyfogle about his live event (Geomob) and the podcast that goes with it. With fifty episodes under his belt, Ed has a lot of great information to share about how he organizes interviews, records episodes, tips for new podcasters, and on ...