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  1. Podcasting through the lens of Evo Terra

    On this episode of the Audience podcast, Matt is talking with Evo Terra from Podcast Pontifications. Evo is the author of Podcasting For Dummies and Expert Podcasting Practices for Dummies. He has also launched and run one of the first large podcast networks, and built a successful strategic ...


  2. Improve your podcast production

    Anyone can start a podcast, but not anyone can make it successful... Stuart Barefoot is an expert in podcast production - so his voice is a legitimate one to listen to for anyone thinking about starting a podcast - even more so if you have an existing podcast ...


  3. Why every podcast needs a community

    Today’s guest is the lovely and bubbly Michelle Frechette. Michelle does a little bit of everything: coaching, public speaking, website evaluation, writing, podcasting, and she is a WordPress expert. Her mission is to help people and she accomplishes this by working with non-profits around the world.  In this episode, Matt ...


  4. The future of private podcasting at Castos

    What is a private podcast? How is it different from a public one? How is it different from social audio? What’s the point of having a private podcast? In today’s episode of the Audience podcast, Matt and Craig talk about, that’s right, private podcasting. What it is, the ...


  5. Marketing your podcast against 2 million other shows

    2020 brought explosive growth to podcasting, but how can you stand out OR at the very least, build a structure around marketing your show? Recording & publishing a podcast is merely the first step. It is all the things you do around the show which will help it ...