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  1. The Interview Podcast Blueprint & Podcast Grader

    Interview-style podcasts are among the most common formats in our medium. Listeners often find new shows to check out when people they admire give a unique interview. But getting the actual interview right is just one step of the process. There are a list ...


  2. Exploring Private Podcasts

    Creating a private podcast is a popular way to distribute information to employees, members, or specific list of people. While traditional podcasts are available to the general public, a password protected RSS feed only grants access to those with the required credentials. ...


  3. What You Can Learn From a Veteran Live Streamer About Podcasting

    This week on Audience, our host Matt is joined by Chris Brogan of The Backpack Show. Rather than a podcast, he and his co-host Kerry Gorgone live stream a business TV show that goes out on weekdays at 10am ET on Facebook ...


  4. Creator Spotlight: A Most Unusual T Party

    Part of the Castos mission is to educate and inspire fellow podcasters. With a whole community of hosts figuring it out and thriving, we launched our new Creator Spotlight series. Our goal is to feature Castos customers and their podcasts–from ...


  5. Introducing Our New Director of Podcaster Success

    A few episodes back we mentioned Matt Medeiros, our new Director of Podcaster Success. With a few days as part of the team under his belt, we’re welcoming Matt as the official co-host of Audience. The purpose of our interview today is to give you an inside look at how ...