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  1. The Key To Starting A Podcast Network With Jeff Umbro From Podglomerate

    When it comes to the distribution aspect of your podcast there are fewer "sure things" than having other similar shows in your niche promoting your content.   And podcast networks are the most natural way to establish that cross pollination of your podcast with other relevant ...


  2. Upping Your Podcast Game, And Listener Questions

    The team at Castos is excited to announce that our premium course on how to create a great podcast is now entirely free. Check out the Podcast Like A Pro course today to get 25+ lessons on everything from: Listener ...


  3. 8 Podcast Best Practices You Should Know

    Creating great content is hard. Any kind, really. Whether it's a blog, a YouTube channel, or a podcast. In a sea of information it's tough to know what advice to follow and what to dismiss as noise. In this episode, we lay out an easy-to-follow ...


  4. Creating A Remote Creativity Platform With The Founders Of

    Creating great sounding audio is the cornerstone of what constitutes a winning podcast. And there are many things that go into this: the right gear, the right techniques, great post-production, and a way to record that audio in an easy and high-quality manner.   And in ...


  5. Castos Productions: Affordable Podcast Editing From Your Dashboard

    When we talk to our customers, podcast editing is often the most intimidating part of podcasting. It's technical, a more laborious process, and it's hard to know when you're done. With the importance of consistently publishing new episodes, there are a few podcast editing methods to choose ...