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  1. The ROI of a podcast w/ Brendan Hufford

    In this episode, Matt is talking to Brendan Hufford about ROI and marketing. He also goes over his background in teaching and marketing and how that led to his SEO course titled, “SEO for the Rest of Us.” Today Brendan brings his high energy, enthusiasm, and expertise about ...


  2. Live Podcasting: Why you should consider doing your podcast via livestream

    In this episode, both Craig and Matt are talking about live podcasting, livestreaming, and video podcasts. They’re talking about trends in the industry, what livestreaming does for accountability, future live streams, and the pros and cons of the medium. Whether you’re just starting in podcasting or if you’re ...


  3. Award-winning podcast producer Eric Johnson

    Today Matt is talking with Eric Johnson from Bumblecast.FM. From winning the 2019 Podcast of the Year award to helping make original podcasts, Eric is a well-known and prominent podcast editor in the industry. His newest venture is Bumblecast.FM which is a business in the business of helping ...


  4. How podcasting helped Kim Doyal build an E-commerce business

    Today Matt talks with Kim Doyal (from Content Creators Planner and the Kim Doyal Show) about focusing on quality content and putting your energy where it is most needed instead of spreading yourself out too thin. They also touch on the podcasting and marketing aspects that Kim loves ...


  5. The Truth About What It Takes To Be A Successful Content Creator

    On today’s episode, Craig talks with Ben Pines, the Head of Content and Product Evangelist of Elementor. Ben is a  marketing expert that has developed several successful online ventures in the past few years, one of which is Elementor, the most popular website builder for Wordpress. Both Elementor ...