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  1. Why Your Podcast CTA Isn’t Working

    There are a lot of podcast education courses out there. Heck, we even have one. Most promise actionable steps to take an idea and transform it into a successful podcast, providing guidance and tutorials to get you there. But when you want to learn the best ...


  2. Should You Try Affiliate Marketing? An Interview with Ross Winn from Podcast Insights

    This week on Audience, we’re talking monetization. While many podcasters start their show as a hobby, more times than not, they eventually want to start thinking about how to earn some money from the show. But rather than focus on every ...


  3. How To Record A Podcast With An iPhone & On-The-Go

    Given podcasting’s spontaneous nature, it’s more than likely that you’ll run into a time where you want to capture a conversation that needs to be heard, but you don’t have your usual equipment with you. That’s where recording a podcast on your iPhone comes in. ...


  4. How To Get Featured In Apple Podcasts with Bobby Temps

    One of the biggest players in the podcasting industry is Apple Podcasts. Up to this point, they have helped dictate major shifts in podcast consumption and how podcasters create their shows. Given Apple Podcasts’ popularity, it’s no surprise getting in front of their curation team can help propel a podcast ...


  5. More Podcasting Questions Answered

    Class is back in session on our latest Audience episode! This week, we’re taking it back to our community. Across our Facebook groups and in conversations with customers, we hear a lot of great questions. Some that we’ve never thought of and others that frequently stump newbie podcasters. In our latest ...