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  1. There's 92 Podcast Marketing Tips After This

    On this episode of the Audience podcast, Matt talks about his latest Twitter challenge and how it led to Lauren Passell, the Founder of Tink Media, Podcast the Newsletter ...


  2. Simplify Your Sound Design, Without Sacrificing on Quality

    To state the obvious, Podcasting is an audio medium so how it sounds is crucial. But sometimes sound design can be a lengthy and expensive process, which is fine when you have the budget and personnel to create custom music and score each episode. But for independent creators ...


  3. I listened to 3 hours of Tim Ferris so you wouldn't have to

    On this episode of the Audience podcast, Matt talks about a 3-hour episode of Tim Ferriss’ podcast, where he and guest Chris Hutchins talk about how Tim grew The Tim Ferriss Show into what it is today. The episode is a powerful one ...


  4. When to use a "Trailer Episode" and when to use an "Episode 0"

    On this episode of the Audience podcast, Matt and Stuart talk about the differences and the importance of having a trailer episode or an “Episode 0.” Are they different things? The short answer is yes. The long answer involves the reasoning for using one or the other, as ...


  5. Gary Arndt on winning with short form podcasts + TikTok

    What is a travel photographer to do when the entire world shuts down? Turn to podcasting and TikTok, of course. Gary Arndt was owning the space of travel photography until the global pandemic put an end to his plans. Now he’s taking on the podcasting world with his ...