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  1. How To Tell A Story From NPR's Former VP Of Programming

    This week on Audience we chatted with Eric Nuzum, an expert who started NPR's podcasting efforts back in 2005. Eric help found some of NPR's most successful shows, has published three best-selling books, and co-founded a podcast production company called Magnificent Noise. ...


  2. The Ladybug Podcast Shows The Importance Of Personal Brands

    In this episode of Audience, we sat down with the hosts of the Ladybug Podcast. Emma Bostian, Ali Spittel, and Kelly Vaughn produce a weekly show geared towards developers at all stages in their careers. They create episodes about technical coding topics, interview industry ...


  3. Jay Acunzo On How Your Point Of View Grows An Audience

    On this week's Audience episode, Craig sits down with Jay Acunzo from Marketing Showrunners. The two founders and podcasters dig into why defining and sticking to a point of view is the key to building an engaged audience. The episode touches ...


  4. Your Podcast Questions, Answered

    Lately, many of us have been figuring out how best to spend time in our new routines. Some are dusting off their podcast microphones for the first time and others are taking a diligent look at how to improve their show. In this episode ...


  5. Podcast Statistics From The 2020 Infinite Dial Survey

    Edison Research and Triton Digital released their podcast statistics and digital media consumption in March 2020. This presentation was slightly different as we globally navigate the Covid-19 landscape and what that means for content ...