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  1. The Best Educational Podcasts Of 2020–And How To Create Your Own

    As listeners and podcast producers, we're always on the hunt for shows that help us improve in some aspect of our lives. The best educational podcasts fill the void with episodes about entrepreneurship, language learning practice, and even philosophical debates. When Craig sat down ...


  2. Become A Better Interviewer By Asking These Questions

    In this episode of Audience, we're taking a break from interviewing to talk about...interviews. Being a good interviewer means asking thought-provoking podcast interview questions but what does that mean? To answer that question, we're taking a step back and analyzing how to interview someone for a podcast. From ...


  3. How To Pitch, Book, And Be The Perfect Podcast Guest

    Pitching, booking, and being the perfect podcast guest takes persistence and practice. Appearing on different shows is a tried and true method to growing a following, but there's a lot that goes into the process. This week on ...


  4. What Is A Podcast Consultant With Mathew Passy

    Putting out the best podcast possible is the goal of every host. It typically starts with refining a show's content and structure. But honing in on the mistakes and finalizing a game plan is where a podcast consultant comes in. To help figure out the ...


  5. Podcasting As Content Marketing With Ben Sailer From CoSchedule

    Content marketing has long been a primary way for brands to increase their website traffic and customer bases. And one of the best in the game is CoSchedule. This software as a service (SaaS) tool ...