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  1. Podcasting with Friends

    On this episode of the Audience podcast, Stuart talks about a different type of podcast. While most of the Audience podcast episodes focus on podcasts and podcasters who want to glean financial value and brand awareness from their work, other podcasts originate from a group of friends hanging ...


  2. Starting a Conversation and Engaging Your Community with Chris Desmond

    On this week’s episode of the Creator’s Spotlight series, Sam talks with Chris Desmond about how to start a conversation and engage with your podcasting community. Chris’ healthcare background easily transferred into a podcasting hobby. It has since morphed even more, changing from a hobby, to a mental ...


  3. 10 Ways to save time as a busy podcaster

    Today’s episode is all about saving time as a podcaster, especially a solo podcaster.  Running a podcast resembles running a small business more than you might have guessed...or hoped.  As small business owners, you’re responsible for wearing many hats. If you’ve ever launched a business, you quickly found out that not only ...


  4. Podcast 2.0 apps + your new call to action

    Today’s episode is all about new podcast apps + podcast 2.0.  It’s a big topic, and a bleeding edge one for most of us, suffice to say this one episode wouldn’t do the whole of it justice. However, if there’s one thing I leave you with, it’s that you’re ...


  5. Thoughts on using video to grow your podcast

    In the last episode we talked about Tom Webster's approach to using YouTube for growing your podcast. A quick recap of that is: Use Youtube because it's a powerful search tool for topic heavy podcast episodes. Make your show more shareable; leverage something other than audio to do that. After shipping that episode, ...