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  1. How To Create A Narrative Podcast (& Why You Should Try It)

    Six weeks into this experiment and a handful of data analyses later, we discovered our narrative style episodes were driving the most engagement. More listeners were tuning in the first day the episode dropped and the passive listens over time continue pouring in. ...


  2. Jack Rhysider Talks Podcast Promotion & Darknet Diaries

    In this episode of Audience, I sit down with Jack Rhysider from the Darknet Diaries podcast and dig into his journey promoting his podcast. With +200K listeners and counting, Jack is not only the host ...


  3. Early Results And Growth Strategy Looking Ahead

    Audience was born to be an unfiltered, raw look at one brand's quest to test the most popular podcast growth strategies. To stay true to our word, we're looking back at our results to date and detailing what lies ahead. In the 10th episode, ...


  4. The 4 Best Paid Acquisition Channels To Grow Your Listenership

    In this episode of Audience we talk through the 4 most common advertising platforms you can use to grow your podcast. While the quality of your content is, and likely will always be, King if you have the budget to amplify that already-awesome content with ...


  5. 8 Tips To Podcast More Efficiently

    When it comes to creating great content everything starts with consistency. You've got to be able to publish episodes on schedule, week after week. And a big part of that is having a system to allow you to create those ...