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July 08, 2021 00:26:27

Creating a Content Emergency Fund with Sam Chlebowski

Content emergency fund with Sam Today's guest is none other than our very own Head of Growth, Sam Chlebowski. Over the last two months, Sam has been helping our team iron out some of the creases in-between the marketing & sales teams here at Castos. His background in the web services industry and managing expectations of small business owners navigate uncertain waters is a huge boon to our podcasters. Sam and Matt help define what the "Head of Growth" role means along with his day to day responsibilities. They will unpack the lessons learned to help apply some of the same tactics to podcast creators looking to grow their audience. The duo eventually came across the idea of investing in a "Content Emergency Fund" illustrating how podcast content can easily feed into your "banked" content. Content Emergency Fund A successful podcast which continues to increase downloads and broaden its reach doesn't stop at the audio file streamed to an app. It requires you to invest in other areas of content marketing, like blogging and/or email marketing. The bad news? It takes more time to create more content. The good news? Repurposing old podcast episodes to feed new areas of content, even if it's years old, is an affordable route to take. Sam refers to it as the Content Emergency Fund! Wether you're stuck or crunched for time, you can lean on old episodes to draw new ideas from. - Write up a new blog post about the book a guest mentioned- Post audiograms from your top episodes- Email out a series of mini-courses quoting the best lessons from your back catalog Keep the content flowing; keep repurposing your old episodes! ...


July 02, 2021 00:22:23

Castos raising outside funding to improve podcasting for creators

In this episode Matt and Craig talk through the fundraising round that Castos has recently completed. Castos, a leader in podcast hosting and analytics, has successfully closed an investment round of $756,000. With investments by Automattic, Joost de Valk of Yoast SEO, and individual investors, Castos will use this additional capital to fuel its advance into the Private Podcasting market.  With podcasting, and audio content in general, showing no signs of slowing now that the worst of the pandemic seems to be behind us, Castos believes that the future of podcasting is in tools that allow creators to own their own content and distribution channels through Private Podcasting.  Castos’ roots in the open source community through their Seriously Simple Podcasting plugin for WordPress along with the investment from Automattic (the company behind further strengthens the ability for WordPress users to own their content, the platform that it’s built on, and the control they have over how it is distributed. WordPress with Seriously Simple Podcasting and Castos as the hosting engine means that podcasters can own their content and data, and the ability to manage Private Podcasts right from WordPress just enhances that ability. Castos’ founder and CEO, Craig Hewitt, recounted “We have seen a significant increase in interest from customers with online courses, membership sites, and digital communities wanting to provide exclusive podcast content to those members, as well as companies wanting to provide private podcast content for their employees. We see this as an area of the podcasting market that’s at a tipping point, starting to explode in popularity.” ...


June 22, 2021 00:12:41

Exploring the step away experience at Castos

On this episode of the Audience podcast, Matt talks about what the step away experience is at Castos. In a world that was changed by the events that happened in 2020, employers and work expectations must also change. Employees and team members no longer commuted to work or walked into boardrooms for meetings. Instead all of that was replaced with virtual meetings after virtual meetings. “Zoom fatigue” became widely experienced. Today Matt talks about how to utilize private podcasting in new ways and how to help achieve and maintain that work-life balance in our new normal. If you have any questions about this episode or want to get some of the resources we mentioned, head over to And as always, if you’re enjoying the show please share it with someone who you think would enjoy it as well. It is your continued support that will help us continue to help others. Thank you so much! Never miss another show by subscribing at Talking points: Zoom fatigue in 2020 New opportunities for employers and employees The importance of communication What is the Step Away Experience? New ways to utilize private podcasting Focusing on the audio Creative ways to encourage staff to consume content Resources/Links: Castos Academy:  Castos, private podcast:  Castos, website: Castos, YouTube: ...


June 17, 2021 00:11:11

Are you a Creator? (Part 1)

In today's episode of Audience, Matt explores the boundaries of being called a "Creator" and how it relates to the creator economy. This is episode 1 in a series that will explore what a creator means in the larger context of podcasting. There are a few challenges for you ahead: Ask yourself what "Creator" means to you Learn from other creatives outside of the podcasting space Find a deeper connection in your content Matt shares a clip from an interview with actor Ethan Hawke titled, Give yourself permission to be creative. This is a crucial step for you to start thinking beyond just producing shows for marketing or a simple goal. Find deeper connection with yourself (as the creator) and your audience.  If you enjoy today's episode, please share it on your social media! Give yourself permission to be creative | Ethan Hawke ...


June 10, 2021 00:51:51

3 Clips Archive: How to Make an Interview Show Extraordinary (ft. Neil Pasricha)

Today's episode is a must-listen re-run from our other show, 3 Clips . It's presented by Andrea, one of our producers for 3 Clips, in place of Jay while he's out on parental leave.  We hope you enjoy today's episode and give 3 Clips a follow in your favorite podcasting apps.  ...


June 03, 2021 00:45:16

Niching down to monetize your podcast w/ Bob Dunn

On this episode of the Audience podcast, Matt talks with fellow podcaster, Bob Dunn from the Do the Woo Podcast. Bob specializes in a specific niche within WordPress, which is what his podcast focuses on as well. That begs the question, “How do you niche down in podcasting?” Today, Bob and Matt talk about niche podcasting and sponsorships, how to get started with sponsorships (when you’re new and scared), and different types of ad-rolls.  How important is creativity in an ad-roll? How do you own a segment? How flexible do you have to be with sponsors? Bob and Matt answer all of these questions and more in today’s episode of the Audience podcast. If you have any questions about this episode or want to get some of the resources we mentioned, head over to And as always, if you’re enjoying the show please share it with someone who you think would enjoy it as well. It is your continued support that will help us continue to help others. Thank you so much! Never miss another show by subscribing at Today you’ll learn about: Bob’s journey into podcasting and the story behind Do the Woo Niching down in podcasting The importance of branding in niche podcasting  “Owning a segment” Advice for how new podcasters can approach possible sponsors Branding through the lens of small creators Transparency with sponsors and listeners ...