Let's put on a show

Let's put on a show

Why do I want to start a podcast? What should my podcast be about? What do I want to get out of podcasting? These are the questions we’re talking about today on Audience. 

Peter Link, CEO of Watchfire Music, joins us today, to talk about how to put on a good show. Peter goes over his process from concept to post-production, and how he uses his experience as a composer and lyricist when he produces his podcast, Scattershot Symphony. He also talks about how podcasting has helped him and why he loves it so much. 

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Today you’ll learn about:

  • Why it is all about the story
  • Using your favorite podcasts as inspiration
  • How to bring your unique spin to a podcast
  • The importance and power of a title
  • How to repurpose your material for use in a podcast
  • The curation of a concept for an episode
  • Writing for the ear and performing a narration


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