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  1. Creating a Content Emergency Fund with Sam Chlebowski

    Content emergency fund with Sam Today's guest is none other than our very own Head of Growth, Sam Chlebowski. Over the last two months, Sam has been helping our team iron out some of the creases in-between the marketing & sales teams here at Castos. His background in the web services ...


  2. Castos raising outside funding to improve podcasting for creators

    In this episode Matt and Craig talk through the fundraising round that Castos has recently completed. Castos, a leader in podcast hosting and analytics, has successfully closed an investment round of $756,000. With investments by Automattic, Joost de Valk of Yoast SEO, and individual investors, Castos will use this ...


  3. Exploring the step away experience at Castos

    On this episode of the Audience podcast, Matt talks about what the step away experience is at Castos. In a world that was changed by the events that happened in 2020, employers and work expectations must also change. Employees and team members no longer commuted to work or ...


  4. Are you a Creator? (Part 1)

    In today's episode of Audience, Matt explores the boundaries of being called a "Creator" and how it relates to the creator economy. This is episode 1 in a series that will explore what a creator means in the larger context of podcasting. There are a few challenges for you ahead: Ask yourself ...


  5. 3 Clips Archive: How to Make an Interview Show Extraordinary (ft. Neil Pasricha)

    Today's episode is a must-listen re-run from our other show, 3 Clips . It's presented by Andrea, one of our producers for 3 Clips, in place of Jay while he's out on parental leave.  We hope you enjoy today's episode and give 3 Clips a follow in your favorite podcasting apps.  ...