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  1. How to Figure Out What Content to Record

    After coming up with a name, designing the cover art, and finally sitting behind the mic, you're probably thinking about what the heck you're going to talk about. Filling out a week, month, or seasons worth of content is important. But what will make your life easier is ...


  2. Jennifer Bourn on Why You Can't Post & Ghost

    This week on Audience, we're giving ourselves a hard look in the mirror after chatting with Jennifer Bourn. She's a business builder, helping clients grow their brands and attract new opportunities with concrete tools and tweaks. She kicked off the ...


  3. Why Podcasters Should Care About Member-Only Sites

    Creating a traditional podcast that's available to the public isn't what you need for your premium content. It's public for anyone to hear, both paying members and anyone else who stumbles across the show. Instead, you need a private podcast where you can restrict who has access to ...


  4. Don't Let Fear Get in the Way Of Starting Your Podcast

    There are one million good reasons to start a podcast. A love of storytelling, repurposing written articles to be more accessible, to find deep connections with strangers all over the world, or just because you like the sound of your own voice. But with ...


  5. The Interview Podcast Blueprint & Podcast Grader

    Interview-style podcasts are among the most common formats in our medium. Listeners often find new shows to check out when people they admire give a unique interview. But getting the actual interview right is just one step of the process. There are a list ...