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  1. Castos Creator's Spotlight: Crimes Against Folk

    In this episode, Matt talks with Ed and Ashley from Crimes Against Folk. The wonderful episode has a ton of takeaways including finding and publishing your passion to the world, focusing on what’s really important first, and even finding sponsorship. In addition to a great conversation, today’s edition ...


  2. Complimenting a Live Event with Podcasting with Ed Freyfogle

    In this episode, Craig talks with Ed Freyfogle about his live event (Geomob) and the podcast that goes with it. With fifty episodes under his belt, Ed has a lot of great information to share about how he organizes interviews, records episodes, tips for new podcasters, and on ...


  3. Deep dive into podcast advertising with Bryan Barletta

    In this episode, Craig talks with Bryan Barletta from Sounds Profitable about advertising in podcasting. Sounds Profitable is a free, weekly newsletter about adtech in podcasting. Advertising can be such an intimidating process. Where do you start? Who do you talk to? Where do you go? What connections ...


  4. Drive more podcast traffic through livestreaming

    Today on Audience, Matt is talking with live-streaming expert Ross Brand. Ross is a former radio personality, reporter and also a show host. With his deep love for broadcasting in mind, he created the @livestreamuni Twitter account before finally created the website: Through this platform he’s able ...


  5. Chris Coyier of the Shoptalk Show

    Today on Audience, Craig talks with Chris Coyier of the Shoptalk Show, which has produced over four hundred episodes. Craig talks to Chris about what it’s like being an online creator (podcaster, blogger, software and web designer, etc.). Chris talks about the lessons he has learned and what ...