Castos Creator's Spotlight: Crimes Against Folk

Castos Creator's Spotlight: Crimes Against Folk

In this episode, Matt talks with Ed and Ashley from Crimes Against Folk. The wonderful episode has a ton of takeaways including finding and publishing your passion to the world, focusing on what’s really important first, and even finding sponsorship. In addition to a great conversation, today’s edition of Castos Creator’s Spotlight talks with Ed and Ashley about the evolution of their podcast because of 2020, and marathon livestreaming sessions. They also talk about the importance of discussing your happiness as a podcaster and balancing that with guest/listener tendencies.

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Today you’ll learn about:

  • Passion to fuel your podcast
  • Hindsight is/in 2020
  • Livestreaming and marathon podcast days
  • Patreon and extras
  • The format change of Crimes Against Folk
  • Sponsorship and monetization
    • Media Kits
    • Reaching out to brands
  • Staying in control of your podcast
  • What Ed and Ashley love about podcasting


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