Complimenting a Live Event with Podcasting with Ed Freyfogle

Complimenting a Live Event with Podcasting with Ed Freyfogle

In this episode, Craig talks with Ed Freyfogle about his live event (Geomob) and the podcast that goes with it. With fifty episodes under his belt, Ed has a lot of great information to share about how he organizes interviews, records episodes, tips for new podcasters, and on the topic of podcasting as a business-related hobby. Ed also talks about how the podcast has been a great compliment to their live event and the perks of having both.

Ed Freyfogle is the co-founder of OpenCage (which provides a geocoding API) and organized Geomob (the live event and the virtual events). His podcast, the Geomob podcast, is a space where he and his cohosts can talk about the geo community, provide updates on their projects as well as interview prominent figures in the industry.

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Today you’ll learn about:

  • What is Geomob?
  • How Ed splits up podcasting duties
  • How a podcast and an event can work together
  • Building relationships through a podcast
  • How Ed organizes interviews guests and records episodes
  • The podcasting duties Ed automates and delegates 
  • The perks to keeping it simple
  • The future of the Geomob Podcast
  • Podcasting as a business-related hobby


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