Chris Coyier of the Shoptalk Show

Chris Coyier of the Shoptalk Show

Today on Audience, Craig talks with Chris Coyier of the Shoptalk Show, which has produced over four hundred episodes. Craig talks to Chris about what it’s like being an online creator (podcaster, blogger, software and web designer, etc.). Chris talks about the lessons he has learned and what it’s like to have a weekly podcast for ten years. They also talk about podcasting trends in terms of marketing, topics, and the future outlook of the industry.

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Today you’ll learn about:

  • The Shoptalk Show, Chris’ podcast about web design
    • How it was born from Tech-TV and CarTalk on NPR (RIP)
  • The importance of consistency and dedication with a podcast
  • How Chris organizes his web content on different platforms
  • The cavalier relationship podcasters have with stats
    • Optimizing versus creating good content
    • Burnout
  • Energy levels for online content
    • Avoiding the online hive of anger
  • The staying power of the industry
    • Audio versus video versus both
  • Advertising and marketing trends
    • Affiliate links or no affiliate links?
    • Website conversion
  • What The Shoptalk Show (and podcasting in general) looks like in 2021
  • The Codepen Podcast
  • Podcasts are an evolution


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