The ROI of a podcast w/ Brendan Hufford

The ROI of a podcast w/ Brendan Hufford

In this episode, Matt is talking to Brendan Hufford about ROI and marketing. He also goes over his background in teaching and marketing and how that led to his SEO course titled, “SEO for the Rest of Us.” Today Brendan brings his high energy, enthusiasm, and expertise about SEO, his YouTube channel, and marketing for podcasts. He also talks about community: what it means to be a community member, how to create and cultivate a good community, and the whys of building a community around your brand and podcast.

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Today you’ll learn about:

  • Brendan’s background in teaching and marketing
  • What is “SEO for the Rest of Us”?
  • Where to go to learn SEO
  • Guest interviews and building the community
  • The importance of looking at first day downloads
  • The statistics to look at, to see if listeners are getting value from the show
  • Thumbnails and cover art for a podcast
  • Raising awareness for your podcast
  • The importance of resilience, showing up every day, and the creator’s spirit


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