Automations Engine and ConvertKit Integration

Automations Engine and ConvertKit Integration
Automations Engine and ConvertKit Integration
Episode November 04, 2021 00:19:58

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Matt Medeiros Stuart Barefoot

Show Notes

Castos’ private podcast automation makes it easier to make changes to subscriptions, engage with your audience, and make sure your content is secure. Today, Craig and Matt talk about Castos’ newest integrations and what it will mean for podcasters interested in private podcasting. The team is ecstatic about the ConvertKit integration which will allow podcasters to do wonderful things with their private podcasts. 

The crew at Castos has been working hard to deliver some of the most requested integrations and features to help podcasters succeed. Craig talks about a few of those things including the newest integrations like ConvertKit, added security, and the endless possibilities for your podcast.

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Today you’ll learn about:

  • ConvertKit integration for private subscription
  • Coming soon: Stripe, Podia, and Teachable
  • The new branding and website at Castos
  • Using private podcasting in conjunction with something else
  • Working natively with the tools you always use
  • Tools that are better than Patreon
  • The security of your private RSS feed
  • Turning ebooks into (exclusive) audiobooks
  • The ability to engage with your listeners


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