Less is more: How long should an episode be?

January 06, 2022 00:17:51
Less is more: How long should an episode be?

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How long should a podcast episode be? Do longer episodes have more useful content than shorter ones? Do short episodes cut out all the unnecessary chatter? Making a podcast is more of an art than a science. There’s no magical format that will get you downloads; there is only the format that works for you. For most people, that means they’ll have an awkward trial and error period. To make that period a little less awkward, Stuart brings on a podcaster to share one format that has worked well.

On this episode of the Audience podcast, Stuart talks with Mandy Lehto (from Enough, the Podcast) about episode length, the importance of making every second count, pulling Jenga blocks, and how to effectively use narration. She talks about why she creates Enough, the Podcast and what her goals are. 

With longer episodes, information can get lost in all of the minutes that tick by. But shorter episodes can feel distant. As podcasters, we want to connect with our audience and sometimes that can’t be done with short episodes. So what is a podcaster to do? After all, sometimes you don’t know what the episode is until you record it.

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