Looking back on a failed podcast

Looking back on a failed podcast

In this episode Matt and Craig look back at the first iteration of Castos' podcast.

Questions that we (and you if you've ever 'podfaded') are asking ourselves are: 

  • Why did the podcast not stick the first time?
  • What are we doing differently this time around? 
  • The new Audience podcast is resonating with our listeners a lot...why is that? 
  • Are there system or process things we can do to make running the podcast easier and more sustainable for the long run? 

Once you have solid answers to these questions a few patterns typically start to emerge about why some podcasts are successful and we stick with them, and why others start, stop, and ultimately fail.  

Having the two podcasts that we've run here at Castos to compare and contrast is a good case study in what to do, and what not to do, for us all. 

Brought to you by Craig Hewitt from Castos of Audience