The Interview Podcast Blueprint & Podcast Grader

The Interview Podcast Blueprint & Podcast Grader
The Interview Podcast Blueprint & Podcast Grader

Sep 24 2020 | 00:17:56

Episode 0 September 24, 2020 00:17:56

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Stuart Barefoot

Show Notes

Interview-style podcasts are among the most common formats in our medium. Listeners often find new shows to check out when people they admire give a unique interview. But getting the actual interview right is just one step of the process. There are a list of things before and after the recording that can help pump up an episode's performing.

Checklists exist to help you run through items that need to get done before you publish something new. But checklists miss the nuance and additional explanations that are helpful to improve a piece of creative work. So we wanted to take our interview checklist a step further by creating the ultimate blueprint.

Whether you host an interview podcast or not, the blueprints we're talking about in this episode will come in handy. They're a masterclass on how to help a guest get the most out of the interview and for you to reach new ears.

Start with our Podcast Grader as you listen to the episode to receive your access to our downloadable Interview Episode Blueprints.


Phase 1: Pre-Interview

Like stretching before you run, the pre-interview blueprint is easy to skip! But there's a reason doctors recommend touching your toes a few times before you hit the pavement. And there's also a few reasons why the pre-interview phase should be obligatory.

Things like reminding your guest to send you their branding materials, identifying the key takeaways you want to hit, and brainstorming new value-add items for your audience that are specific to this guest.

And don't forget Rachel Corbett's tip on the pre-interview call! Figure out if you have chemistry with your guest ahead of the actual interview to make sure the podcast appearance will be mutually beneficial.


Phase 2: The Interview

The phase that's probably already front and center on your mind whenever you book a new guest. This section of the blueprint has a few reminders of tasks that might be second nature already. But missing a standard mic check could mean a distorted recording for an entire interview.

Once you get through the technical stuff, we have a few more tricks that you might not have seen before. You'll also find notes about prepping the interview's goals and a section detailing why and how to record private podcast material. We think any chance you have to give you audience a little something extra is worth the effort.


Phase 3: Post-Interview

Have you ever finished a mesmerizing interview then accidentally forget to download the local recording file? Us too...

Along with a few technical items, we'll walk you a few extra key steps. Things like building hype on social media for the upcoming episode and finalizing a promotional plan for your guest to help shout their interview from the rooftops.

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Phase 4: Promotion

Ideally, Phase 4 starts a few weeks before you actually hit record. Pulling the imagery, writing a template of the description, and maybe even build up some anticipation with a post before the episodes goes out.

Most listeners aren't going to find a new podcast without the host on the other side putting in some effort. If you've already spent a few hours recording a ground breaking episode, take the time to make sure your audience is going to hear it. And having them wait with anticipation is even better.

Castos is integrated with Headliner to make creating audiograms even easier. Plus, all of your episode files will be in one place inside your Castos dashboard.


Phase 5: Long-term

Like Phase 1, Phase 5 can sometimes be forgotten. But if you're after new subscribers, then the long-term promotional plans around your episodes is the key to growth.

Consider repurposing audio content into other mediums to squeeze more juice out of one episode. Evaluate feedback from your audience to see if there's an opportunity to revamp how you're telling your story. Or review your analytics for inspiration on which episode topics could use a more in-depth look.


Head to the Podcast Grader to find our how your podcast is performing compared to the pack!

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